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About Me


I'm Sumit Dhuper, a portrait, food & product art photographer living in India. I love capturing artistic images in a minimalist way that showcase the beauty of my subject. I love trying new and different creative styles of shooting.

I live in the 'Pune' a city of Maharashtra in India where I have started my events photography workshop and still continuing as expedition in different genre of photography. Working remote and from home has been increasingly more important recently, I can also travel and bring the studio to you.

I love working with clients or a range of jobs, commercial, editorial or individual model in my home studio to a multi-day shoot on location. Each job is unique so if you are interested in working with me, I would love for you to get in touch. Let's discuss your project, email me at 


Call: +91-9729433477

WhatsApp: +91-7262039772

India based portrait, food & product art photographer helping businesses with imaging needs. Working remote to help businesses all over the world.

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