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Equipments, I have....


Camera: Nikon D750 and D3100
Lens Collection: All are Nikkor 
Zoom lens: 18-55mm, 70-300mm, 24-120mm
Prime lens: 50mm, 85mm, 105mm (micro)
Lighting Kit: 1 x Godox AD400 Pro, 2 x Godox SK400ii, 1 x Godox V860ii TTL Flash Light, 1 x Digitek Continuous Light DCL-150W
Light Triggers: 1 x Godox X1-T-N TTL HSS 1/8000s, 1 x Godox XT16 
Softboxes: 2 x 120cm Octa with Honeycomb Grid (Bowens mount), 2 x 60*90cm (Bowens mount), 1 x Godox 80cm Octa with Honeycomb Grid (Bowens mount)
Reflector: 107cm 5 in 1, Godox 60*90cm 5 in 1, Godox RFT01 Gold/Silver 110cm
Godox R1 RGB light with AK-R1 Kit
NiSi ND1000(3.0) 10 Stops Filter
1 x Steel C-stand 9.5 feet
4 x Light Stand
2 x Boom Arm Stand
Twistflex Black/White Collapsible Backdrops - 6 x 7 ft
Brown Textured Cloth Backdrops - 6 x 9 ft
22 x Vinyl Backdrops - 89*56cm: 6 x Solid Colours and 16 x Textured 
3 x Camera Bags (Large, Medium, Small)
Dell Laptop with 12GB RAM
Licensed Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom software

India based portrait, food & product art photographer helping businesses with imaging needs. Working remote to help businesses all over the world.

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