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Headshot Session

Make a great first impression with studio, outdoor, or in-office professional headshot sessions.


Every individual session is customized to your industry, goals, and brand.

We can offer:

- Profile Picture Pose
- Corporate Poses
- Family Poses
- Modeling Poses

We could include up to three people to your session (family portrait).

About Our Sessions:

  • Fun, energetic, and detail-oriented photographer who help you LOVE your photos and experience.

  • Unlimited perpetual commercial license to all images from your shoot. You never need to license photos or credit us. You can download the maximum resolution photos right to your computer or smart phone.

  • Facial expression coaching and posing guidance that will help you feel relaxed and photogenic. I will tell you exactly what to do to get awesome headshots.

  • Match any company headshot guidelines (if you have them) by uploading your guidelines or an example photo to your appointment reservation.

  • Pre-shoot consultation where I ask your industry, goals, and ultimate destination for your photos. This helps tailor your photos custom to you.

  • Multiple poses, expressions, and angles for each shoot. We shoot, get feedback, and improve each set of photos.

  • Instant image review via our studio computer or laptop (if we’re outdoors). You can see and approve images as they’re created.

  • Professional custom editing for your images. We can remove blemishes, stray hairs, and bags under eyes, whiten teeth, and add a bit of polish.

  • Easy online scheduling and a flexible reschedule policy (with 24 hours notice) for when we get’s too busy.

Types of Headshots Offered:

Whether you’re matching corporate headshot guidelines or launching a modeling career, I can help! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How quickly do I get my photos after the session? We review photos in real-time as we’re creating them. This process is critically important for getting you amazing photos tailored to your preferences and goals. You will have the option to select photos while on-site with us, and if so, you can get your un-edited photos the same day! Otherwise, you’ll receive your photos the next business day. Retouching takes 5 business days from selection.

Will you ever share my photos online in your portfolio? By default, the client retains a perpetual unlimited commercial license for all photos taken during the session. We take client privacy extremely seriously and will never share your photos online without your permission. In some case, we may ask customers if they are “OK” with us sharing their photos. By accepting, you agree that you will not be compensated for your photos and you are granting us the right to display your headshots for an indefinite period. But, by default, we keep photos 100% private.

I'm not good at taking photos or hate getting my photo taken, can you help? For every session, we create a relaxed/fun environment for headshot photography. You don’t need to have any prior experience/success in your photos – we will coach you to success. If you come prepared and bring a good attitude, you’re going to get some great headshots. For someone who HATE getting their photo taken, you’ll end up appreciating that we can keep sessions short-and-effective.

Can you match photos taken by other photographers? We understand that some clients have photos of co-workers that they’d like to match. If requested, we will do everything possible to match the style of other photographers for your session. However, you must contact us beforehand to confirm whether we can match your desired style.

What does "retouching" mean? What do you do to the photos? During the retouching process, we generally improve the quality of the photo by 1) removing stray hairs 2) whitening teeth 3) removing acne 4) minimizing bags under eyes and 5) generally improving lighting/contrast.

Can you print my photos for me? We do not currently offer photo printing services for our photos. If you need printing services, we highly recommend ZoomIn Photo Prints, which has affordable high-quality photo printing available across the country.

What are your standard licensing terms? The client’s receive an unlimited perpetual commercial license for all photos from their sessions. There’s no hidden fees. You never need to license or credit us for your photos again.

What is your reschedule policy? No fees for cancellations or reschedules requested with at least 24 hours notice. No-shows are non-refundable.

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